Eiffel tower, France.  b a d c
Le Louvre, France. b a d c
Fodnes, Norway. b a d c
Vettisfossen, Norway. b a d c
Geysir car rental. b a d c
hi, I'm a guy of 19 years from Sweden. I have that dream to travel around the beautiful countryside of Norway. for me to live my dream, I need to save up money and then I realized that I'm going to special order a new debit card with a picture of a place in Norway where my eyes cant stop looking at. the site named trolltunga and I googled and saw your beautiful picture and was going to ask you if I could use your picture off trolltunga on my debit card? to remember my dream and save money :)

Sure do as you please.

b c
Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland. b a d c
b c a
Vik, Iceland. b a d c
Jökulsárlón, Iceland. b a d c
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